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Personal Coaching for Real Weight Loss

As an Integrative Life Coach, I believe that real change is systemic. This means that even the simplest adjustment to the way you think and behave in one area of your life can have a HUGE impact on your entire life as a whole.

And nowhere is success more compelling and noticeable than in how we look, feel, and perform in our bodies!

In fact, I’d argue that cleaning up your diet, and paying some real attention to both exercise and relaxation is the perfect place way to begin any personal transformation. Because if successful, you are not only healthier as a result of actually doing it, but likely stronger, and more disciplined; maybe even a bit kinder and self forgiving; not to mention WAY more confident in your ability to actually achieve what you set out for yourself to do!

Quite simply, there may be no better way to kick-start a career, creative project or relationship than dropping a few pounds (if you need to) so you can really get comfortable in your own skin again.  And as your personal coach, trained in Strategic Intervention, I offer a powerful way through some of the biggest diet challenges, things like:

  • emotional eating,
  • social eating,
  • negative self image and self talk
  • and finally, something I call “complete diet overwhelm,” where the pressure to change is growing but so are the excuses for not getting started.

emotionalpain.If you suffer from any of these challenges and don’t know where to start, or if you’ve started many times before but have never gotten the results you want, I can help.

I understand that it’s not just a matter of knowing what to do differently (although knowing this certainly helps.) It’s a matter of actually doing it, which means making specific decisions about new behaviors, and somehow following through for real. And my Lean and Healthy Kick-Start Program is designed to help by leave you feeling:

  • Clear about the weight loss results you truly want to achieve and why;
  • Open and willing to make some real changes for your own benefit;
  • Confidant that there is a safe and doable process for you that will work long term
  • Supported personally, throughout the challenges; and finally
  • Inspired to really get going now!

I could tell you more, but really, the next step if you want to explore coaching is to experience it first hand, where the help can be real, and so can the results. So if you’re even curious, contact me.

Personal Coaching for Real Weight loss

Personal Coaching for Real Weight loss