Career & Leadership

Career & Leadership Coaching

As an Integrative Life Coach, I get really excited about simple, straight-forward ways to pursue chosen change. And when it comes to Career and Personal Leadership Coaching, one of the most effective ways I know is to adopt what could be called a “strengths-based” approach.

When we can identify, appreciate, and actively lead with our strengths, we discover a way to both pursue and achieve our goals with real confidence and integrity.

Introducing: Speaking Your Strengths, a Career and Leadership program designed to shift the way you pursue a change in your career or train professionally. And as a stand-alone coaching experience, it packs the power of an intensive session, producing real insight you can apply immediately to something practical and pressing in your life, such as:

  • a resume or cover letter when seeking employment;
  • a social-media profile or biography
  • a project proposal of some kind that relies on your leadership in order to succeed;
  • Basically, anywhere you need to announce your worth to others with real confidence.

Program Details: