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Katie Wreford: Personal Bio & Qualifications

Katie Wreford — Integrative Life Coach

I started coaching professionally in 2010, after transitioning out of a sixteen year career in the creative production business.

Basically, I co-owned and managed a professional recording studio that produced musical albums, training programs, radio commercials, jingles… You name it! I had a lot of fun working with the kinds of people I like most: creatives with something extraordinary to share with others.

And today, the trend continues. Many of my coaching clients are creative professionals who, in one form or another, create and perform for a living. Thus, they are often visionaries, and by necessity, entrepreneurs and leaders in their own right. And this all delights me!

I’ve received comprehensive training in Strategic Intervention through Robbins-Madanes Coach Training where I enrolled in 2011. Strategic Intervention is a powerful change technology created by Anthony Robbins, and compiled into an effective coaching methodology through his partnerships with Cloe Madanes, and Mark and Magali Peysha. It is based on what now called “Human Needs Psychology” and I openly pay tribute to this work in a lot of my coaching.

My academic and practice background was initially in music within a broad, liberal arts curriculum. I earned the degrees of a Bachelor and Master of Arts (in music and music criticism respectively.) I took enthusiastically to integral theory about a decade ago and like to keep up with what could largely be called “Transformational” or “Evolutionary” Technologies. And to keep things real, I have been a student of Zen, studying privately with Daniel (Doen) Silberberg through his Lost Coin Organization, since 2009.

My personal passions include walking “Shela”, my magnanimous golden retriever, and in one form or another, engaging in deep and meaningful conversations with friends and allies from all walks in life. I like to sketch. I fiddle-around on the shakuhatchi, and generally love music of all kinds. And I train regularly at my local YMCA. DSCF2540

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