Tricks to Getting Started with Weight Loss (or anything else for that matter!)

There are lots of reason why people fail to lose weight or achieve their ambitions. But the saddest reason of all is that they never really get started.

So to help, here are three tricks to getting started, or if you like, getting unstuck that can be applied to pretty well any goal or resolution.

1. Don’t get stuck in preparation!

Sometimes, we can get so bogged down in the details of an ambition that taking action gets delayed. Or worse: Neglected altogether!

This is partially because no plan is every really perfect (although we expect it should be), and partially because even if we did find what we believed to be the “perfect plan” we would still have to implement it. And the truth is, if actually doing that were easy we’d have done it by now.

It’s probably safe to say that most people who need to lose weight have an eating patterns they are reluctant to give up. For them, over eating has become a reliable way to meet their short-term need for comfort or pleasure; but it directly challenges any goal they might have for long-term health and well being. Hence the struggle most people have making a change.

But once we actually do manage to identify the habits that are standing in our way, something powerful happens. We finally have a choice to do something new instead of allowing an old habit to take us where we don’t want to go. And as long as we agree to support our own efforts– to get and stay committed and intelligent in our ways, it’s only a matter of time before we see the results we are after.

Another reason we can get stuck in preparation is that weirdly enough, sometimes we will settle for a mere understanding of how we’re going to do it. It’s as if knowing releases the pressure off of actually doing it.

You definitely DON’T want to get stuck anywhere near here, in a tomorrow that never comes, with a goal that never seems important enough to really pursue! And with my help, you won’t.

You see, I’ve personally fallen into ALL of these traps at one time or another, and know firsthand what it’s like to be both earnest AND ineffective. (It’s kind of like trying to move forward with your foot on the accelerator and brake all at once.) I’ve also seen countless people get bogged down in their efforts, and so I am prepared to share candidly all that I have come to know about getting unstuck, starting with what my coach/mentor told me:

If what you want to do is, say, jump off a cliff and, say, into a lake,
You could first study all the available techniques for exactly how to do this,
i.e. compare the speed of running versus high you should jump,and so on…
Or you could just jump. The results are about the same
~Daniel Silberberg.

In a nutshell, the solution to any challenge we have invariably lies in our taking action—and at some point ANY action will do. But without it, change remains a mere idea. And in reality, that just isn’t enough. So isn’t it time to embrace things for real?

2. Don’t expect it to be easy. BUT don’t fear it will be too hard.

Another reason people delay taking action is they secretly believe if they wait long enough somehow someone somewhere will find a way to make it all easier. You know what I mean: some secret herb or psychological intervention that will make somehow change effortless. The problem is, when it comes to weight loss, not only does this kind of magical thinking delay our efforts unduly, but it makes us targets for pretty much every weight loss scam in the industry.

As I am prone to say:

Change would be a heck of a lot easier were it not for our preference for things being easy.

Transforming the way you eat isn’t necessary easy at first. But it will never get easier until you actually get up and do it for for real. Only then does it become an ordinary part day to day behaviour, just like other habits and skills you’ve acquired in the past.

The key seems to be to neither expect change will be easy or difficult. Just be willing to do what’s actually necessary to getting the result you want. And then…

3. Do it now!

This is kind of a repeat of trick number one, but it’s worth landing on this truth whenever you need to. As the saying goes (although slightly modified):

The best time to start that diet was several years ago.
The second best time is now!

Now is, quite simply, the only time you can ever really get started. So I have three questions for you:

  1. What are you waiting for?
  2. What do you really have to lose? (Literally in fat, and in terms of what’s holding you back.)
  3. When is now a good time to get started?

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