As a Life Coach, I basically help people do things they’ve never quite done before so they can get results they’ve never quite had before. It’s that simple.

So when it comes to weight loss, my job is to help them stick to a diet and exercise plan that with only minor adjustments, will eventually become a way of life. This makes success not only real from the start, but truly sustainable over time, which, in my books, is what “real” success is all about.

If you’ve ever tried to lose weight and not been successful, chances are that it wasn’t because you didn’t know how to lose weight. You just didn’t— or felt you couldn’t— actually follow whatever diet or exercise program you had chosen or been prescribed. So how can coaching help?

The Difference between Weight loss “Coaching” and “Consulting.”

Let me begin by being clear: I am not exactly a nutritional expert, nor do I purport to be. My specialty has more to do with helping people follow a diet and exercise plan than it is to dictate exactly what that plan should be.

I have, however, done my research and compiled what I believe to be the core principles of healthy, sustainable weight loss. I call it “Real Weight Loss” and I share these freely with any of my coaching clients who are interested via the member’s section of my website.

Of course, if you are presently working with a dietician, nutritionist, or naturopathic doctor then I would encourage you to continue doing so. I would consider my role both complementary and supportive to theirs, in the sense that I am more likely to help you deal with food cravings from an emotional eating angle, rather than blood chemistry angle. But seeing as many forms of input and expertise are often necessary, I can help provide the kind of over-arching that helps integrate all this information into a sound action plan.

So in a nutshell, my job as your personal weight loss coach is to first, get you to really do what you set out to do. This is partially about motivation; but more specifically, it’s about clarity and will. It’s about actually doing things to get going so that you’re not just thinking about them. Only by taking action can you finally move beyond the frustration of never getting what you really want to actively living life on your terms.

If that sounds too far fetched for you, how about simply paying a little more respect to your body so that you can more fully show up and express yourself, and in the end, devote yourself to what matters most to you?

THAT’S the freedom I’m interested in! So let’s get started.

Getting Started

Before committing to any serious weight loss initiative however, it’s a good idea to have a good physical with some baseline measurements to clear the way of any obvious medical issues. Although there’s nothing particularly radical about my approach, any transformation as potentially stunning as weight loss needs to be absorbed by body that is basically in good working order.

Once you’re cleared of any medical reason why you can’t commit to some dietary and life-style changes, the next step is to commit to a strategy that works. And there are many to choose from, and chances are, you’re like most people and have a pretty good idea about what it is you should be doing. You simply aren’t doing it. 

As Tony Robbins explains, only 20% of our success is due to what he calls “mechanics.” The remaining 80% comes down to having a winning psychology that actually allows us to take action and stay the course through to success. And this is where coaching is most helpful, for it involves you getting really clear about why making this change in your diet and lifestyle is an absolute must for you now.

So, yes, I can help provide you with a great meal plan and consult you on the specifics of your life style down to every practical detail imaginable. But even more importantly, I will see that you are equipped with the inner and outer resources to actually follow it and get the kinds of results you truly envision for yourself and deserve.

And so now, what are you waiting for?